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Murder Mystery: Crime CHALLENGE
Team Building Activity

The body of Rick R Mortus has been found, we need your help detectives!

The body of Rick R Mortus has been found, we need your help detectives!

What's the Story?

A terrible murder has been commited - can you and your team work together to crack the case and find the culprit?

In this modern take on a classic game, you are the detectives in the investigating team. You must interview the suspects, complete the challenges and collect evidence to figure out who done it and solve the crime.

Mr. Rick R. Mortus has been found dead so you and your team must examine the crime scene which is an interctive 360 degree panoramic room.

Once you have a good understanding of the crime scene you are presented with the list of suspects. All the suspects are colleagues and associates of Mr Mortus. You must interview each suspect, collect evidence and finally choose WHO DUNNIT?

We recommend teams of 4 players for the best experience and to maximise on collaboration.

Are you up to the challenge, detectives?

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Murder Mystery: Crime Challenge
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How it Works

All our games work in person, virtually or hybrid so first thing to do is decide the format you want to play in. You can book a Remote host to operate the game for you. The host will manage everything for you: set up teams and game links and call details. Once you book we send you all the logins and game information. Our games are simple to play, you just click on a link to start.

We provide

All game logins and how to play
Remote host if required
Live leaderboard
Fantastic user experience

You need to:

Organise your group into teams.
Assign a Team captain
Decide on what devices to Play on
Share the game link with team
4 Per Team
40 Mins
Live / In-person
€14 pp
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+VAT & booking fee

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We offer dedicated faciliators to manage and host your activities along with dedicated support for all of our games.

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What you need to know

Easy to play

Our events are browser based so no need to download any apps.

No host required

Our activities are simple to operate so no need for a host

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Simply click on the link to start - No email or code required


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Play anywhere

Our games work across all devices, in all formats. Play hybrid, virtual or even outdoor.

Murder Mystery: Crime Challenge

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How it works

We enable collaborative team experiences

  • Live Inventory and Rewards updates
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  • Live Scoreboards
  • Hints and clues on demand
  • Huge range of interactive question types and countdown timers
  • Meaningful team collaboration tools
  • 3d immersive and interactive environments
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Maggie Bruk
Marketing & Design Manager, Shocklogic
We played "The Big Escape" with our whole company, and we absolutely loved it! Everyone showed some unexpected competitive spirit, and came out of the game closer to their teammates. The set-up was super easy, and gameplay was very user-friendly. We can't stop talking about how much fun we had, and we will definitely be checking out the other games soon.
Everyone loved The Big Escape, A lot of positive feedback looking forward to the next event.
Thank you so much for the event yesterday – all participants really enjoyed the Great Games Challenge!
Kerry Group
The feedback from the team was excellent and everyone really enjoyed it
Version 1
Everyone really enjoyed the Murder Mystery,  I got messages after the fact saying everyone really enjoyed the event and format, looking forward to more activities

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